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Knowledge that makes a difference

With over 28 years of experience in marketing, UNID knows what lies behind key trends and the latest business practices – things that really make a difference.

Our concepts focus on creating the greatest leverage, and our solutions result in verifiable change.. That’s why our mission statement is all about: creating market impact

Far-sighted strategies

Gaining shares of the market, communicating innovative ideas and making change a real experience – goals of this scale need more than just isolated measures to become a reality.

That’s why at UNID, we combine strategic and creative processes with digital technology, PR and content creation at Munich’s Medienbrücke to come up with holistic communication concepts.

Energy efficiency:
we know the score

With a second office in Berlin, UNID has a front-row seat for all the latest developments in the energy transition.

Covering an area of 5.5 hectares, this pioneering hub at Berlin’s historic Gasometer provides a base for companies working in the energy, sustainability and mobility sectors, and is paving the way to an environmentally friendly future.

We are an experienced team

Andreas Altmann
Account Manager
Bianca Hennrichs
Senior Managing Consultant
Denis Reichel
Director Strategic Planning
Melanie Müller
Team Assistant
Oliver Gimbel
Account Director
Ralph Missy
Founder & CEO
Thomas Brand
Art Director
Alexandra Geller
Managing Consultant
Carmen Goss
Executive Assistant
Jessica Willers-Springer
Managing Consultant
Martin Schnell
Analytics Specialist
Rudolf Graf
Susanne Dengler
Junior Strategic Planner
Theresa Aichinger
Strategic Planner
Ulrich Krenn
Director Media Relations
Andreas Schmitz
Leonie Schmid
Matthias Stephan
Norbert Flubacher
Head of Solution Architecture
Christine Loska
Marco Fumolo
Director film & media
Sandra Freundl-Huber
Katharina Reichel
Managing Consultant
Sarah Schulz
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